Pastor Don and Kathryn Sparman

Pastor Don and Kathryn Sparman

At twelve years of age sitting in a Sunday School class, Pastor Don realized he could interpret Scripture in a very simple way.
By fourteen, he loved the Church prayer room and that same year began developing ministry projects devoting 40 hours a week at the Church while continuing his schooling.

By 18 years of age Don was taking his first overseas tour with his Ministry Band “Anthem”, and a year later began long term oversea trips which ended up turning into 35 years of leadership in humanitarian relief efforts pioneering international charities and chairing a number of ministry boards both in Canada and the US.

Pastor Don has planted Churches, ministry schools, taught several years at CFNI, developed overseas festivals attended by three-hundred-thousand people, been a host of a weekly television program as well as daily radio. After 37 years as a Pastor his passion is in seeing and empowering those in his congregation to walk in the fullness of all that God has called them to. Along with his amazing wife and partner Kathryn, the Sparmans could not be more excited to call the Mahoning Valley their home and believe God has led them here to be a part of one of the greatest outpourings of God’s presence and power in our Nation’s history.


“Pleasant Valley Church and its mission is all we think, breathe, eat and sleep… and with who we are now surrounded by it is impossible to think about anything other than what God has already begun pouring out here and how we get front row seats to the Performance of God for the rest of our lives.”


Don has been a Pastor for 37 years now. His experience centers around building new ministry from the ground up.


His Pastorates have been in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada (where he’s from), Manila Philippines, South Bend Indiana and now here in Mahoning Valley Ohio.
Don’s Pastoral ministry includes planting Churches, chairing international relief organizations, teaching at CFNI and developing legal structures for Churches and para-Church organizations. In Worship, Pastor Don has built a School of Worship ministry, led his own Worship band on several international tours and in Missions work Don has ministered in places such as the Arctic Circle, the Philippines, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, and Doha in the Middle East.


Kathryn is a Buckeye gal, having been born and bred in the great state of Ohio. She has worked in several ministry capacities, including Kenneth Copeland Ministries in Fort Worth, Texas. Her love for all things fashion also gave her great opportunity to work in New York, Dallas, and Seattle opening stores for an upscale clothing line. She now calls her role as Pastor’s wife and Pastoral Ministry her final and best career choice!


Mahoning Valley is now home and Kathryn and I could not be happier or more excited to be here. We are raising up a new generation of amazing ministers who are going to do so much more than we ever did or imagined. Ten years from now (maybe fifteen) we’ll be sitting on rocking chairs on our front porch here offering encouragement and counsel to this next young line of power-house leaders who will lead this entire region to the unimaginable love of Jesus.”
If you are searching to know more about God or looking for a church, we would be honored to have you here at Pleasant Valley Church…. where it’s good to be home.
With love,
Pastor Don and Kathryn Sparman